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Berry Ice Lollies
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Put all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into ice-lolly moulds then enjoy when frozen!
10.05.20202896 viewsSweets, Weaning
Lentil Veggie Sauce
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Grate the garlic, dice the courgette, carrot aubergine and red peppers. In a heavy bottomed pan that has a lid add the…
10.05.202060000 viewsMains, Weaning
One Pot Polenta and Salmon
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
De-skin the salmon filet and cut into 1 inch chunks Dice the spinach. Pour the polenta into the pan with the cumin,…
10.05.20204185 viewsMains, Weaning
Beetroot Pinwheels
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Preheat oven to 180 deg fan Put the beetroot, raw red pepper, grated cheese and spinach into a blender and blend until…
10.05.202093691 viewsBreakfast, Mains, Weaning
Kale and Pea Pesto Pasta
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Chop the kale and steam with the frozen peas. Put into a blender with the cashew butter, olive oil, squeeze of lemon…
10.05.20205646 viewsMains, Weaning
Spinach pancake and hummus rolls
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Put the raw spinach, egg, milk and flour into a blender and blend until velvety smooth. In a non-stick pan heat half…
10.05.20201445 viewsBreakfast, Weaning
Fish Fingers and Mash
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Steam or boil the sweet potato until soft. Mash with the back of a fork and mix in the tahini, and olive…
10.05.2020643 viewsMains, Weaning
Green Patties
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Very finely chop the broccoli and spinach. Add 1 tbsp olive oil to a good non stick frying pan and add the…
09.05.202036588 viewsMains, Weaning
Soft Butternut Squash Cinnamon Muffins
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Preheat oven to 180 deg fan Melt the coconut oil or butter. Put the butternut squash, coconut oil, eggs, flour and cinnamon…
09.05.2020442 viewsSweets, Weaning
Baby Porridge
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Blend the oats until they are a fine flour texture. Pour the blended oats into a pan with the chia seeds, milk,…
09.05.2020558 viewsBreakfast, Weaning
Teething Frozen Yogurt Bark
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Make room in your freezer and line a Tupperware or tin with baking paper. Blend the yogurt and maple syrup until smooth…
14.04.2020961 viewsBreakfast, Sweets, Weaning
Avocado Bircher
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Chop the avocado and squeeze the lemon over the top. Put the oats into a bowl and cover with the milk. Add…
05.04.2020311 viewsBreakfast
Hidden Veg Thick Soup 3 Ways
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Peel and slice the courgette. Chop the carrot into 1/2cm rounds and roughly dice the garlic, red pepper, tomatoes and mushrooms. Put…
08.02.202013902 viewsGuest, Mains, Natasha, Weaning
Green Pancake Wraps
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Put the raw spinach, egg, milk and flour into a blender and blend until velvety smooth. In a non-stick pan heat half…
03.02.202079171 viewsGuest, Mains, Natasha, Weaning
Quesadillas 4 ways
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Cook the quinoa until the tails have sprouted and drain. Meanwhile grate the garlic and add to a large frying pan with…
17.01.2020199146 viewsGuest, Mains, Natasha, Weaning
Banana Oat Bites
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Mash the banana in a bowl then beat the egg into it Add the rest of the ingredients and mix together Line…
04.01.202016021 viewsBreakfast, Guest, Natasha, Sweets, Weaning
Sweet potato, carrot powder porridge
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Grate the sweet potato and carrot. Put half the cashew milk, 260ml (1 cup), cinnamon and star anise into a pan and…
04.04.2019239795 viewsBreakfast, Guest, Weaning
Lentil Bolognese
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Dice the onion, garlic and fresh turmeric. Cut the aubergine, carrot, mushrooms and courgettes into 1cm cubes. In a large saucepan add…
04.04.201940898 viewsGuest, Mains, Weaning
Spinach and Banana muffins
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Pre-heat oven to 180 deg fan. Line a muffin tray with 8 muffin cases. Melt the butter in a pan on a…
04.04.2019122792 viewsBreakfast, Guest, Sweets, Weaning
Green Veg Sauce
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Dice the courgette, garlic and roughly chop the spinach. In a frying pan add the olive oil, garlic, coriander, courgette and cook…
04.04.201935422 viewsGuest, Mains, Weaning
Roast Tomato, Pepper and Garlic Soup
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
cut peppers and toms into chuncks wrap the garlic in foil, place in a baking tray with olive oil salt and pepper…
30.01.20192339 viewsGuest, Mains
Green Mini Frittatas
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Crack the eggs and beat into a bowl. In a frying pan add the olive oil, mushrooms, spinach, courgette and peas and…
11.01.20197902 viewsBreakfast, Guest, Mains, Weaning
White Winter Soup
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
Peal, cut into chunks and roast the onions, celeriac and parsnips on 180 degrees for half an hour with a little olive…
28.11.20181141 viewsGuest, Mains
Broccoli Carrot & Goats Cheese Gluten Free Patties
Verified by mumsknowbest.com
  This patty recipe doesn’t contain any eggs and is gluten free. It is suitable for Stage 1 Weaning. Make one portion…
16.10.2018433858 viewsMains
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