What are the best natural winter wellness products you use?

Natasha Corrett
Posted on 25.09.2018 at 15:01

Winter is fast approaching which means time to up our immunity. I get A LOT of dm’s asking what approaches I use and products I can recommend. This is not a sponsored post these are what I use daily for our family that works for us. We get colds and there isn’t much you can do with it especially when you have kids but there are things that I’ve found that can make you recover quicker.
1. Turmeric – I eat it in shed loads in the winter. Make turmeric lattes, cook with it (this is the best way apparently that is absorbed into the system) like this turmeric spiced polenta that will be in my ebook
2. Essential oils – I LOVE @doterra and swear by the OnGuard products and when Rudy has a cold the Breathe roll on his chest is great. I also defuse ONGuard and lavender every night all year round in his defuser. If he gets a virus I use oregano oil on the soles of his feet. Temperature I use peppermint. They have also just released turmeric which I’m going to buy!
3. Colloidal silver is excellent for sore throats and also hand foot and mouth. Rudy got it last winter and managed to catch it quickly and never spread past his hands. He loves having it sprayed in his mouth!
4. Elderberry. @naturedockids got me on it in February when I was sick and recommended the @pukkaherbs one which we now take and Rudy has the @biocareltd kids one in his drinking water.
5. Kids multivitamin and probiotic I use @zita.west and sprinkle it on banana every morning or on porridge he loves the taste. I also give him a bio care probiotic in his milk at night.
6. Homeopathy. I go on about it all the time on my instagram but I couldn’t live without it. I have the Ainsworth essential kit that I use daily from bumps and scrapes to sore throats, temperatures, vomiting bugs, tummy bugs, virus, teething etc.
7. Cold compresses are excellent and can bring a high temperature down safely.
Would love to know what your go to remedies are so we can share the wellness… comment below

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